Stories of the Bible

Here is a wonderful Bible story book for children, called A Child's First Bible. This hardcover bound book is great for introducing bible stories to your toddler. The book is wonderfully illustrated and contains 125 Bible verses. The pictures and text weave a wonderful timeline starting with the creation story in Genesis and ending with Revelation.

The noted author, Kenneth N. Taylor, easily translates the scripture passages to simple and easy to understand words for your young children. This book is aptly titled A Child's First Bible because it is perfect for young listeners. Each page can be used by parents to discuss the important truths which they want to instill in their children. Many parents read one or two pages a night, thus continually bringing the word of God to their children.

Your children will never tire of the charming artwork, which greatly enhance the simple passages written in this delightful book. The large size of this book also makes it easy for young hands to manipulate on the floor as they turn each page, becoming mesmerized by the vibrant illustrations.

So pick up your copy over at Amazon. Your children will love everything about their first Bible. This is also a perfect gift the grandparents to give and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Digger The Brave Dog

Here is a new book from a new author. It is about Digger the dog. Digger was a rescued pup from the pound who won the hearts of his new family despite his troubled past. It is a cute little children's story about how one can overcome one's fears and do something great for those you love.

Tim Frymyer was a stay at home dad, before returning to work. But during this time, he developed a knack for telling wonderful bedtime stories to his children. This has developed from a parental practice, to a hobby, to a profession. He enjoys telling stories and has a unique style all his own; it is very easy for children to follow as he does not draw out the plot too long for today's short attention-span kids.

Get your ebook today at Amazon. It's only $0.99 and worth every penny. On a side note, this is a true story and the cover picture is of the actual Digger the dog himself.

Why Family Friendly Books

Just wanted to drop a quick note about why we chose to be a 'family friendly' publishing company. There are far too many books out there which feed our children garbage. Books written for young adolescents that touch on suicide, intimacy, and violence are not proper for that age group (in our eyes anyway). Sadly, many parents do not check over books before they buy them, especially now that e-books are so widely available and popular.

Let me give an example. We were in a bookstore looking over children's books. Sandwiched in between some classic "Golden Books" was a story about seals. It had a very attractive cover picture with a beautiful harp seal. My kids loves stories about animals so I picked it off the shelf and gave it a quick scan. I was astonished at the content. Full of violent language and graphic pictures about hunting these seals. Both the written and graphic material would surely give little 4 - 5 year-olds nightmares. The book was actually written for this young audience and was not placed by accident in the children's section of the bookstore. I brought it to the attention of one of the clerks who quickly ushered it off the shelves, with apologies galore.

There are other stories I could share where my wife and I have come across other books written for children and discovered less graphic, but more subtle attempts by the authors to undermine the innocence of our children. Stories where the parents are made to look like idiots and the children behave disrespectfully or often times, violently against them. It all looks funny and harmless, but the subtle messages are being sent.

So with that, we decided to publish books on Amazon, like The Adventures of Bob and Joe, Volume 1 . There is nothing subversive or violent in these delightful stories. Emma Ward does a great job of putting together stories which teach the importance of friendship and fair play. Obviously we'd love for you to buy this book as we are invested in it and the author, but we think you will get a treasury of wonderful, safe, family friendly entertainment for your children. Please enjoy this story and many others that we have listed on this blog.

Stories About Turtles

If you are looking for a good story about turtles, then Bob and Joe are the books for you. We have a tab link to the author, Emma Ward above. The Adventures of Bob and Joe are great little stories to be read at bedtime or anytime. Kids will enjoy the lovable characters and you'll love the wholesome messages of fair play and friendship.

Bob and Joe are identical twin turtles who love to race. They'll race anyone just about anywhere. Meet their friends, Zebbie the Zebra, Mookie the Mosquito, Harry the Grasshopper and so many more. Here is a review in Amazon from someone who read the book...
While all my grandchildren living nearby are grown I enjoyed reading this story. It would be a wonderful addition to a preschool or kindergarten class. Children who have started reading for themselves would enjoy the book because it's fun and not too long. I also like the fact that the kids are learning some life lessons while reading something they enjoy. Anyone with children or grandchildren should consider this as a perfect gift for them.
 There are 6 different stories available for download from Amazon. Visit Amazon today and download your copies of The Adventures of Bob and Joe.

The Curious Little Kitten

Well, we're finally here, the number one book in our top ten list. First of all, let me say there are hundreds of books we could have put in this top ten list. I'm sure, everyone has their own top ten list of books and stories. The wonderful thing about reading to your children early in life, is the way you are able to discover so many wonderful books and authors.

But since this is our top ten list, we have our own number one book. It may come as a surprise to some of you, because I'm guessing this book isn't as well known as some of the others in this list. Our numero uno book is "The Curious Little Kitten" by Linda Hayward and illustrated by Maggie Swanson.

It's the story of a curious little kitten that doesn't get out much. She has a wonderful backyard which she explores, but as time goes on, she begins to wonder what is outside her known universe. There are walls and fences all around, what could be found on the other side? Does she dare investigate? Yes, she does.

She finds adventure and surprise in the yards surrounding hers. She is not a happy kitten, but she remains curious. The curiosity drives her to further discovery. Undaunted, she continues to explore and seek out the mysteries beyond her own existence. Okay, that may sound a little too dramatic and you're right. She basically goes looking around because she's a kitten and that's what they do.

That natural curiosity which little children and kittens share is the draw for the book. Linda Hayward knows this angle and continues to frame the story in a way that hooks the little reader (and parent). You begin to wonder what lies on the other side of the fence. Will it be trouble or joy?

Eventually, the little kitten's curiosity is rewarded with a wonderful surprise as she looks in the last yard. Third time is the charm for this little kitty. If you want to know what she finds, you'll have to get the book and "discover" it for yourself.

This is yet another example of good clean wholesome reading for your child. This book never disappoints and children love to have it read to them over and over again. The illustrations are also done in such a way as to lead the child through the story, as if no words were ever written on their pages. We would find our three year old daughter looking through the book, turning the pages one by one as she would retell the story to herself by simply looking at the pictures. This is a great little book and should be in every parent's or grandparent's home library.

Mo Willems -- Knuffle Bunny

In keeping with the theme of books you read to your younger children, our #2 book in our top 10 list is a cute story of a little girl and her stuffed animal. Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems, has lots of charm wrapped up in a relatively simplistic book.

One thing that strikes you immediately is how Mo Willems combines real life photography with illustrated, cartoonish characters. This was the first story we saw using this concept, but we envision this to become a standard technique for storytellers in the future. It does bring an element of realism and identity, not typically found in most children's stories. It really works in helping to tell us the story of early (mis)communication between daughter and daddy.

Trixie is a typical toddler who is in that stage of life where communication between kid and parent can be somewhat challenging. She speaks just enough words to please the parents, but not enough words to be clearly understood, especially by Dad who probably isn't around her 24/7, like Mom. In the end, it's the Mommy who serves as translator for the Daddy, as an exasperated Trixie looks on.

Knuffle Bunny will be enjoyed by your children, even beyond their toddler years. Parents around the world will give each other the "knowing nod" as they read through this story. Each page represents life with toddlers in such an insightful way. Mo Willems just nails this stage in parenting.

Only one book left to go. I'm sure you all have your ideas, as well as your own top 10 list. Feel free to comment about which books would be in your top ten. Also, see if you can guess what our #1 book will be. There are lots to choose from, so try out your luck, give it a shot. Or if you think we missed out on some classics, then let us know that too. We'd love to hear from you.

Mr. Putter and Tabby

Our #3 book comes from a familiar author, Cynthia Rylant. The Mr. Putter & Tabby series of books are a great read, just like the Henry and Mudge series. This time we find a charming elderly man who has a wonderful little cat named Tabby. They live next door to a sweet elderly lady, Ms. Teaberry, and her faithful, yet sometimes mischievous bulldog, Zeke.

Most of the stories surround the relationship of these four central characters and the adventures they go on together. Cynthia Rylant is very adept at portraying characters whom you cannot help but to fall in love with. The stories are wonderful and described in simple terms for young readers or listeners.

Children will be drawn into the world of these octogenarians and their pets. Our kids still repeat the mantra, "Beans, beans, only beans!" from one of their favorite Mr. Putter & Tabby books. It's no wonder why this title finds its way to #3 in our countdown. Enchanting, cute and always funny. Last week we said a kid and his dog was a winning recipe for a book; well, nothing wrong with and old person and his cat. Pick up your copy today. Your kids or grand kids will love you for it.